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Travelling 1920s style

I’ve just updated the Poppy Denby website with information on, and fabulous original photos of, the various trains, boats and automobiles Poppy and her friends use in London, Paris and New York. For readers who have already read the books, you can now see if your imagination matches up to reality. For those who haven’t, don’t worry, there are no plot spoilers as to whodunnit. Although book 3 is not quite out yet, I have included information on that too as a little taster (you can pre-order The Death Beat here). To go straight to the Transport page click here.

Model T Ford

£20 million Faberge Egg nearly sold for scrap

Today I am giving the manuscript for Poppy’s second adventure a bit of spit and polish. In my notes I have come across this article about a Faberge Egg worth £20 million that was bought for a song at a car boot sale and then nearly sold for scrap. This was the article that gave me the idea for Poppy Denby 2, The Kill Fee, which will be coming out in September. To find out what intrigue Poppy unearths with the Romanov Royal family and stolen Faberge Eggs, you’ll have to wait for the book! I’m a tease, I know 😉

In the meantime, you can read about the £20 million egg here.

Faberge 5

Fiona gets into character

Fiona had a flapulous time (to quote a friend) at a publicity shoot. With only three weeks to go until publication, she thought she’d get into costume and into character. She made the dress (from an original 1920s pattern designed by a Mrs Depew) and borrowed the car, a beautiful 1928 Ford Pheaton owned by the very generous Alan and Christine Simpson of Crawcrook.